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Title: Fauna edáfica em diferentes manejos agrícolas na Região do Maciço de Baturité, Ceará
Authors: Ramos, Áurea Pinto dos
Aguiar, Maria Ivanilda de
Keywords: Conservação
Sistemas Agroflorestais
Biologia do solo
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: RAMOS A. P. dos ; AGUIAR, M. I. de (2019)
Abstract: Soil fauna organisms are sensitive to environmental changes and are commonly used as bioindicators of soil quality in management systems. The objective was to study the composition, density and diversity of pedofauna in different agricultural managements and under natural conditions in the Maciço de Baturité region, Ceará. The study was carried out in the municipality of Redenção, in areas under agroforestry system (SAF-C, SAF1, SAF2), pasture (PAST), native vegetation (MAT) and swidden (ROÇ). Samples were collected in the dry and rainy periods. The collected organisms were screened, counted, identified and classified according to large taxonomic groups. The respective groups were classified according to the functions they perform in the soil and the frequency, abundance, richness of groups, indices of diversity (Shannon, H) and uniformity (Pielou, e) were calculated. The most abundant orders were Himenoptera, Blattodea and Oligochaeta, and the most numerous functional groups were detritivores, predators and ecosystem engineers. The areas of SAFs (SAF-C, SAF1, SAF2) presented results similar to MAT, expressing better results for group richness, diversity and uniformity, in relation to the other areas studied. Agroforestry management favored soil conservation, as it presents results similar to the natural condition of the soil.
Description: RAMOS, Aurea Pinto dos; AGUIAR, Maria Ivanilda. Fauna edáfica em diferentes manejos agrícolas na Região do Maciço de Baturité, Ceará. 2019. 10 f. Artigo(Graduação) - Curso de Bacharelado em Agronomia, Instituto de Desenvolvimento Rural - IDR, Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira, Redenção, 2019.
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